MSFFManhattan Short Film Festival (New York)
MSFFMountain State Forest Festival (Elkins, WV)
MSFFMedecins Sans Frontieres France
MSFFMilwaukee Short Film Festival (Milwaukee, WI)
MSFFMaster Slave Flip Flop
MSFFMidnight Sun Film Festival (Helsinki, Finland)
MSFFMidsummer Fire Festival (gaming; World of Warcraft)
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The PLEA program seeks to complement the loan portfolios offered by the Land Bank of the Philippines to MSFF, according to ACPC.
'Further, the LoFTs will also guide MSFF in complying with loan documentary requirements including the crafting of project proposals, business plans, farm plan and budget,' it added.
But for Thirdy and his team of talented people, winning the first prize at the MSFF gave them more meaning to their advocacy for self-acceptance and campaign against 'fatphobia.' "This competition was the first ever film competition Fat You has won first prize.
Even more worrisome is the feature of the Belizean fresh chilies market being an oligopsony dominated by two main players--AWL (fresh export) and MSFF (Marie Sharp Fine Food--processing), which implies that growers' prices are similar, regardless of product destination.