MSFRMinimum Security Function Requirements
MSFRMid Spatial Frequency Roughness
MSFRMolten-Salt-Fueled Reactor (nuclear power)
MSFRMolten Salt Fast Reactor (nuclear reactor)
MSFRMean Spontaneous Firing Rate (neurology)
MSFRMedian Survival Time from First Relapse (cancer)
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Para massa seca de caule (MSC), ocorreu pequena variacao em comparacao com a MSF e MSFR, na qual os maiores valores foram obtidos nos tratamentos T1 e T4 enquanto os tratamentos T2 e T5 proporcionaram menores valores (Tabela 2).
Consumption by a generalist predator is expected to depend on the densities of all its major prey species (its multispecies functional response, or MSFR), but most studies of generalists have focused on their functional response to only one prey species [1-4].
There is some scholarship on other autograph collections, such as those manuscripts produced by Charles d'Orleans: see, e.g., Mary-Jo Arn, The Poet's Notebook: The Personal Manuscript of Charles d'Orleans (Paris, BnF MSfr. 25458) (Turnhout, Belgium: Brepols, 2009).