MSGLMulti-Shot Grenade Launcher
MSGLMaster of Science in Global Leadership
MSGLMega Scale Glacial Lineation
MSGLMoore Stephens Global Link (China)
MSGLMichigan State Golf League
MSGLMean Silence Gap Length
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The MSGL program gave me the capability to learn what I needed to know, whenever I needed to know it, without having to wait for a professor in a classroom.
These original multibeam data, gridded at a resolution of 15 x 15 m, reveal abundant pockmarks and glacial grooves, resembling so-called Mega-Scale Glacial Lineations (MSGL), features that are not visible in the coarser IBCAO (Fig.
Finally, [AP.sub.1] performs the 4-way handshake procedure with MS to construct security keys, including Pairwise Transient Key (PTK), Key Confirmation Key (KCK), Key Encryption Key (KEK) and Temporary Key (TK), as defined in IEEE 802.1 In standard [15], Different from the specification in [151, the msgl is added a VHO credential ticket [VT.sup.2.sub.MS] and an MIC which is used to prevent the Denial of Service (DoS) or similar attacks.
Tenders invited for Ptfe enveloped gaskets, msgl pipes, pipe fittings and spares for glass lined 5kl reactors as per list of items at annexure i, technical slpecification at annexure ii and glass physical characteristics at annexure iii.
Tenders are invited for Indigenous Development Of Spares Or Items For Ags And Msgl Weapons