MSHDMichigan State Highway Department (now Michigan Department of Transportation)
MSHDMidland Street Historic District (Bay City, Michigan)
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s hro, Lanes End swapped places with Sacred Heart to reach fifth spot in the table after beating them 6-3 thanks to goals from Craig Maddox, Declan Gregson, Tom Harborn, Darren Thomas (two) and Scott Dillon with Paul Pounder (two) and mshd Graeme Tweed in reply for Heart.
A comparacao da atividade eletrica dos musculos supra-hioideos do lado direito (MSHD) e musculos supra-hioideos do lado esquerdo (MSHE) de idosos sem doenca neurologica (ISDN) e idosos com DP foi realizada a partir de um estudo descritivo do tipo transversal.