MSHTMLMicrosoft Hypertext Mark Up Language
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JsSandbox monitors the HTML parser (mshtml.dll) and JavaScript engine (jscript.dll).
JsSandbox monitors some modules, such as mshtml.dll, jscript.dll, shlwapi.dll, and kernel32.dll.
The eval and unescape functions are implemented as JsEval and JsUnescape in jscript.dll, and document.write is implemented as cDocument::write in mshtml.dll.
For example, the IFRAME tag calls mshtml!CHtmIframeParseCtx::Execute and this function calls GetLocationW.
Among IE's modules, mshtml.dll, jscript.dll, vbscript.dll, urlmon.dll, and mlang.dll were COM.
After attaching JsSanbox to IE, JsSandbox traced the JavaScript engine (jscript.dll), HTML parsing engine (mshtml.dll), and so on.