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MSIAMovement of Spiritual Inner Awareness
MSIAMaster of Science in Information Assurance
MSIAMember of the Singapore Institute of Architects
MSIAMicrosoft Software Inventory Analyzer
MSIAMapping Sciences Institute Australia (formerly Australian Institute of Cartographers)
MSIAMetadata Standards for Information Assurance (US DoD)
MSIAMissouri Self-Insurers Association
MSIAMultispectral Image Analyzer
MSIAMobile Satellite Internet Access
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Instead of the vast array of accessories and parts that came with its MSIA and Robot Spirits counterparts, the RX-78-2 only comes with alternate hands, a beam rifle, a shield and two beam sabers.
Hence, in the current study, IT is considered as the mediating variable between IIAD and IAE, MSIA and IAE.
MSIAs specialized products and services for auto dealerships add depth to the capabilities of our New England operations, while its experienced team will further enhance our presence in the region, said Ricky Spiro, CEO of THG.
The MSIA Strepdavidin EVO micro-columns have been designed to bring the mass spectrometric immunoassay (MSIA) affinity purification technology to Tecan's Freedom EVO series of robotic platforms that are equipped with a 96 multichannel arm (MCA96).
As variaveis sociodemograficas selecionadas para o estudo como possiveis explicadoras da MSIA foram: sexo (masculino ou feminino); idade categorizada por faixa etaria (ate 39 anos; de 40 a 49 anos; 50 a 64 anos e 65 anos de idade ou mais); raca/cor da pele autodeclarada (branca; parda e preta); e, escolaridade registrada em anos de estudos completos (0; 1-4 anos; 5-8 anos; > 12 anos).
He received his BBA from New Mexico State University, his MSIA and his Ph.D.
For this purpose, stock solution I of MS medium, which contains KN[O.sub.3] and [K.sub.2]HP[O.sub.4], was divided into MSIa, containing 9.5 g of KN[O.sub.3] 100 m[L.sup.-1] water, and MSIb, containing only phosphate (850 mg KH2PO4 100 mL [water.sup.-1]).
Garuda Raja 148 United Steel International (Arab), Suka Paksi (GRP) Alumex Investments (Spore), CMC (Australia), Dijon Acier (UK), Shing Yang Shipyard (M'sia), Meridien Steels (Srilangka), Thyssenkrupp Manner Asia(Spore) and Janatha Steels (Msia).
* Malaysia -- Team Msia on Mars, University Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Aviation Technology, for their idea to use biodegradable materials from kapok tree fibres for aircraft thermal and acoustic insulation blankets used for aircraft cabins.
We isolated specific proteins from plasma/serum using carboxyl-functionalized MSIA pipette tips from Intrinsic Bioprobes derivatized with antibodies via 1,1'-carbonyldiimidazole (CDI) chemistry as described in the Data Supplement, which accompanies the online version of this article at content/vol57/issue5.
Members of MSIA include Wheeler & Taylor, Great Barrington; Colt Insurance, Pittsfield; The Herlihy Group, Worcester; Jubinville Insurance Group, South Hadley; Canary Blomstrom Insurance Agency, Feeding Hills; and Anderson, Bagley & Mayo Insurance Agency, Leominster.