MSICMixed-Signal Integrated Circuit
MSICMaritime Security Identification Card (Australia)
MSICMissile and Space Intelligence Center (US DoD)
MSICMedium-Scale Integrated Circuit
MSICMilitary-Security-Industrial Complex
MSICMedical Support and Integration Contract (Johnson Space Center; US NASA)
MSICMassachusetts Credit Union Share Insurance Corporation
MSICMaritime Safety Information Center
MSICMedically Supervised Injecting Center
MSICMapping System Interface Card (electronic device)
MSICMathScience Innovation Center
MSICManagement Strategies International Center (Egypt)
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4), the MbTa, MbTb and MsTa honeys are negatively correlated with the reducing sugars variable, which was higher (> 60%), the MsIc sample was related to HMF being in the same way one of the higher values of this compound (2.30 mg/100 g), in the MsSJb sample the diastase activity registered the highest enzymatic activity, the SmCa honey is closely related to the pH and EC variables; the samples SmId, SmIc and SmFMb have a positive correlation with the variables HMF, [a.sub.w], humidity, free acidity and color, with higher moisture, more acidic, with water activity superior to samples of Meliponas, and were the darkest ones.
A government official said: "Unfortunately, this issue is not straightforward given significant questions about whether MSICs are compatible with current UK legislation relating to the misuse of drugs."
Building on these M&S-based analyses for the combatant commands, MSIC is leading development of the next generation of integrated analysis capability.
In both Canada and England and Wales, the opening of Australia's Medically Supervised Injection Clinic (MSIC) was used by decision makers to reinforce the importance of DCRs.
National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association and Portland Cement Association are among 15 organizations behind the Mineral Science and Information Coalition (MSIC), formed to advocate for federal agency endeavors such as the U.S.
Gilson & Reinier Kraakman, Investment Companies as Guardian Shareholders: The Place of the MSIC in the Corporate Governance Debate, 45 STAN.
Later she served in various leadership roles on the provincial NLTA MSIC and other provincial committees.
## Angel (13) reports that the average tick size in 1994 for the 2,517 stocks in the MSIC index was 0.376 per cent of the value of the securities.
This includes five main sub-sectors in the services sector based on the MSIC 2000 classification.
TAIC is one of seven Oklahoma county coalitions that are actively pursuing similar goals; coalitions are active in the following counties: Oklahoma, Garfield, McClain/Cleveland, Seminole, Pottawatomie, and Latimer/LeFlore counties in Oklahoma plus the Multi-State Immunization Coalition (MSIC) along the Kansas/Oklahoma border.
Michael Hanson, president/ CEO of MSIC, will present "Creating an Effective Strategic Plan" with Paragon Group President James This and Senior Consultant Bob Schumacher.
In an effort to bridge the gap on border security, the government introduced Aviation Security Identification (ASIC) and Maritime Security Identification (MSIC) cards, but mismanagement ails the system reportedly.