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MSIDModule Specification Id
MSIDMicrosoft Identifier
MSIDMobile Station Identifier
MSIDManufacturing Systems Integration Division (NIST)
MSIDMinnesota Studies in International Development
MSIDMobile Station Identifier (wireless)
MSIDMalaysian Society of Interior Designers
MSIDMass Spectrometer Lead Detector
MSIDMobile Subscriber Identification
MSIDMeasurement Stimulation Identification
MSIDMaster School Identification
MSIDMaster of Science in Industrial Design (various schools)
MSIDMedical Staff Identification
MSIDMr. Smith's Incredible Diamond
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So another drama begins (the msid is the theater par excellence).
The oldest student, a sort of deputy in the msid, brings him the child to be punished.
And the msid is precisely where memory is cultivated, a slow, painstaking exercise that ends only with adolescence, with the awakening of sexuality, when we sever our link to childhood and bind ourselves to the community.
There wasn't an actual copy of the Quran at the msid, though we all could read and write.
I didn't like the msid. Every day when I woke up, the prospect of going there was so terrible that I wished I were sick enough to stay in bed.
More than a dozen technical papers related to the machine-shop information model have been published by MSID [5-21].
Task Milestone Title Period Subject Research and 2001-2007 Machine-shop information model Development Machine-shop-information-model specification MSID's technical publications Standardization 2004-2013 Proposal Product Development Group formed Initial CMSD-UML version CMSD-UML balloting CMSD-UML approved standard CMSD-XML balloting CMSD-XML approved standard Product Development Group dissolved Use and Support 2007-present Product Support Group formed Technical publications Task Milestone Reference Title Period Time Research and 2001-2007 6/2003 Development 1/2005 [4] 2002-2009 [5-21] Standardization 2004-2013 5/2004 9/2004 2/2009 2/2010 9/2010 [27] 3/2012 1/2013 [26] 3/2013 Use and Support 2007-present 2/2014 2007-2013 [28-62]
Session chair Charles McLean, NIST MEL, MSID, Manufacturing and Simulation Modeling Group Leader, presented an overview of MS efforts at NIST featuring demonstrations of several simulation scenarios.
Ram Sriram, NIST MEL, MSID, Design and Process Group Leader, was the session chair.
Simon Szykman, a mechanical engineer of the NIST MEL, MSID, Design and Process Group, highlighted NIST efforts to define an Intelligent and Distributed Engineering Design (IDED) product development system incorporating representations of knowledge much more complete than those available today.
Michael Gruninger, a guest researcher in the NIST Manufacturing Engineering Laboratory, MSID, was the session chair.
Lyme Disease and Multiple Systemic Infectious Disease Syndrome (MSIDS).