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MSIEMicrosoft Internet Explorer
MSIEMaster of Science in Industrial Engineering
MSIEMaster of Science in Internet Engineering
MSIEMaster of Science in International Economics
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Adicionalmente aos resultados da Tabela 1, a analise dos dados sobre os eventos vitais potencialmente estressores do ambiente familiar (desemprego, separacao do casal, enfermidade cronica, entre outros) mostrou que nao houve diferenca estatisticamente significativa entre os grupos [MCIE = 7,48 ([+ or -] 2,86) e MSIE = 6,33 ([+ or -] 2,64); p<0,07].
A Tabela 2 indica que as caracteristicas neonatais dos bebes dos grupos MCIE e MSIE foram semelhantes quanto as seguintes variaveis: sexo, idade gestacional, peso ao nascimento, indice de risco clinico neonatal, Apgar do 5[degrees] minuto, adequacao para a idade gestacional e tempo de internacao na UTIN.
Mixing both HTNM and PHP modes <?php if (strpos ($_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT'], 'MSIE') !== FALSE) { ?> <h3>strpos () must have returned non-false</h3> You are using Internet Explorer <?php } else { ?> <h3>strpos () must have returned false</h3> You are not using Internet Explorer <?php } ?>
Only one of the HTML blocks will end up getting sent to the viewer depending on the result of strpos() In other words, it depends on whether the string MSIE was found or not.
It supports Netscape Navigator and MSIE, as well as e-mail applications like Lotus cc:Mail and MS Mail.(4)
At the NJStar Web site, you will find that version 1.5 offers several new features such as a 32-bit module for Windows NT 3.51 and 4.0, as well as the support (on both Windows 95 and NT) for Unicode application such as Netscape Communicator 4.0 and MSIE 4.0.(8)