MSKPMuslim Soup Kitchen Project (New York)
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Randomly choose msk [[member of].sub.R] [Z.sup.*.sub.q] as the master private key and calculates mpk = mskP. The system parameter params = (p, q, P, mpk, [H.sub.1], [H.sub.2], [H.sub.3]).
MSKP has demanded authorities concerned to launch a cleanliness operation to restore the beauty of the city and other parts of the province.
Tenders are invited for supply of spaers for high mast flud light fittings installed at 220 kv naubasta & 132 kv s/s krishna nagar & mskp kanpur under e.t.d.,-ii kanpur.
Tenders are invited for Providing and fitting retro reflective sign board at 132 kv mskp and 220 kv s/s naubasta under e.t.d-ii., kanpur
Tenders are invited for Day To Day Maintenance Work Of Switch Yard At 132kv S/S Mskp,Under E.T.D.Ii, Kanpur
and removal of various size plants & bushes at 132kv s/s mskp, under e.t.d.ii, kanpur.
Tenders are invited for Providing And Installation Of 20 Meter High Mast At 132kv Sub-Station, Mskp Under Etd-Ii, Kanpur
Tenders are invited for Various Maintenance works at 220KV S/S Naubasta & 132KV S/S MSKP
Tenders are invited for Supply of pg clamp, terminal connector & bushing clamp at 220kv s/s naubasta & 132kv s/s mskp under e.t.d.-ii, kanpur.