MSLDMaritime Survivor Locating Device
MSLDMass Spectrometer Leak Detector
MSLDMarc Stapleford Landscape Design (UK)
MSLDMaster of Science in Land Development (degree; Texas A&M University)
MSLDMean Sea Level Datum (vertical surveying datum)
MSLDManchester Scene Description Language
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Multidistance Signal Level Difference (MSLD) is a modification of the gray-level difference (GLD) proposed by Weszka et al.
In MSLD, since the signal used was 1D (one dimension), then (1) was modified to (2).
The result of the MSLD process for the seizure EEG signal with distance d=1-5 is shown in Figure 6.
Sample entropy value for each data class of MSLD results can be seen in Figure 7.
From Tables 1, 2, and 3, the highest accuracy is 97.7% with the use of cubic SVM, MSLD with distance d=1 -20, and SampEn with r=0.25.
Teacher-initiated behavior, student-initiated behaviors, and student participation and interaction are formatted so that the observer rates each item separately for the MSLD and for the other students in the class.
Observers rated each item on the CCS separately for the behavior of the MSLD and for the behavior of the remaining students in the classroom (as a whole).
The independent variable for this study was student type: general education or MSLD. Comparisons of these two types of students were conducted for each of the research questions in the study.
Principals from those schools who agreed to participate in the study were asked to identify teachers who they felt were effective in meeting the needs of MSLDs. A special education teacher in each school confirmed the list of effective teachers with MSLDs.
Minimum straight line displacements (MSLDs) were calculated in nautical miles form) from the coordinates of tagging to the coordinates of first reliable satellite contact (Argos location code 1, 2, or 3).