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(1) This study defines a common framework MSLF for integrating Semantic Web technologies into LOM to facilitate machine understanding.
Formal definitions of a Multi-layered Semantic LOM Framework (MSLF), which include Web Resource, learning object, LOM, Ontology, and Semantic Mapping Mechanism, are developed for general LOM applications.
(Multi-layered Semantic LOM Framework) This multiple-layered semantic framework for LOM applications can be formally defined, and is called the Multiple-layered Semantic LOM Framework (MSLF).
After describing the framework for enhancing the reasoning capabilities of LOM through LOFinder, a preliminary experiment is performed to test the expressiveness of the MSLF and the reasoning capabilities of LOFinder.
After introducing and defining the proposed multi-layered Semantic LOM Framework (MSLF) for LOM, the following discussion describes how the intelligence, modularity, and transparency of LOFinder enhance the discovery of learning objects.
(12) In fact, Bush lawyers even went so far as to suggest that no citizen had the right to challenge what MSLF and the Blue Ribbon Coalition asserted were the ultra vires actions of President Clinton in designating six vast monuments in four western states.
Thus, for example, Bush Administration lawyers argued, in MSLF's appeal to the D.C.
In the case of Clinton's creation of wilderness area in scores of multiple-use forests, MSLF was not alone in challenging Clinton's authority to do what Congress had reserved for itself in the Wilderness Act of 1964 (17) and the Federal Land Policy and Management Act of 1976.
(24) The community sought the assistance of MSLF, which filed a lawsuit on its behalf.
(31) MSLF has filed a friend of the court brief in support of a motion by the State of Wyoming to dismiss the appeal for want of Article III standing.
"When I first started the MSLF, it was my goal to ensure that the lives of Massachusetts Service members lost in battle would never be forgotten," MSLF Founder and Chairman Peter Trovato said.
I've spent the past five years seeing many of these children grow up, knowing that someday the MSLF would be there, and I'm very proud of what our supporters have built," Trovato said.