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When 2N = 20, d = [lambda]/2, SLVL = -35dB, and the function is fitness = [absolute value of MSLL - SLVL], then the results are as follows.
When 2N = 20 and d = [lambda]/2, get the deepest nulling when [theta] = 70[degrees], SLVL = -35 dB, NLVL = -80 dB, and the function is fitness = [absolute value of MSLL - SLVL], the results are as follows.
[I.sub.n] Current amplitude of antenna elements d Space between elements k Wave number [lambda] Wavelength [theta] Included angle of normal and incident rays MSLL Mean side lobe level SLVL Side lobe valid level 2[[theta].sub.0] Main lobe width NLVL Nulling lobe valid level [LAMBDA] Index set of column vector in the measurement matrix [PHI] Measurement matrix [[LAMBDA].sub.k] Index set of the selected atom after K iterations M The number of atoms in matrix [PHI] N Length of an atom K Sparse degree y Sampling signal [[LAMBDA].sub.i] Index set [r.sub.k] Residual [??] Reconfigured of signal [alpha] Relaxing factor E Noise matrix A Low-rank matrix D Given data [??] A positive integer Y Lagrange multiplier Table 2: Comparison of the reconstruction results of two algorithms.
Using LibGuides as a tool to repurpose one of the high-traffic sections of the MSLL's website has been an excellent way to make an immediate contribution to our website without having to redesign it.
Our goal is to employ the MDE to synthesize an array pattern with minimum MSLL when the mainbeam scans to different directions.
To achieve the lowest MSLL when the desired steering angle is ([[theta].sub.0], [[phi].sub.0]) in 3D case, the optimization problem is formulated as the following problems:
The desired MSLL is lower than -25 dB when the mainbeam scans to (90[degrees], 0[degrees]), (90[degrees], 30[degrees]) and (105[degrees], -20[degrees]).
He never tried me." MSLL, Bound Briefs, Augusta Thomas v.
(24.) On sidewalk quarrel, see MSLL Bound Briefs, Elizabeth Doty v.
Beeman, deputy sheriff; MSLL, Bound Briefs, Harriet Dennison v.
For convenience, in this paper, the pattern which has the minimum MSLL among 30 trials is chosen as the optimum pattern that we expected.
The score of 30 trials is shown by the histogram in Figure 2(b) that presents the frequency distribution of the MSLL performance of the 30 thinned element distributions.