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This method for computing [T.sub.B] showed a warm bias (mean value 0.31[degrees]C between MSLP and 100 hPa) compared to Lide (2006) and a mean error about 4 times smaller than those associated with computed values of [T.sub.B] that used the constant value of [l.sub.[upsilon]].
This record low rainfall was associated with extreme high MSLP over much of southeast Australia (Fig.
The July 2015 MSLP anomaly pattern strongly resembled the negative SNAO.
These annual P-E anomaly features were generally consistent with the mean atmospheric circulation implied by the MSLP anomalies (Figs.
In comparing the MSLP and landfall intensity of these category 5 hurricanes, Camille, at 900 mb and 150 kt, ranks in intensity for U.S.
Thresholds for November MSLP and the monthly mean blocking index (BI; see the supplemental material) were calculated from NCEP-NCAR Reanalysis (NCEP1) data (Kalnay et al.
In connection with the MSLP acquisition, Phillips 66 Partners will enter into a new 15-year tolling agreement that includes a base throughput fee and minimum volume commitment from Phillips 66.
Figures 17(a)-17(f) capture MSLP, 600 hPa RH, and 540 dam contour of the 1000-500 hPa thickness on 0000 and 0600 UTC 11 February for the sensitivity experiments.
where [V.sub.s] is the value daily rainfall forecast of predictors (G850, MSLP, Q850, and T850) (mm/h) (calibration).
Data obtained by smartphones and at public meteorological equipment installations were used as the learning data (refer to the Appendix for details of data fields), and values of mean sea level pressure (MSLP) obtained as public meteorological data at points that were closest spatially and temporally were used as true values.
We gratefully acknowledge the assistance of Lorraine Wylie, MSLP, R.SLP, S-LP(C), Teresa Hardy, MSLP, R.SLP, S-LP(C), and Heather Stamler, MSLP, R.SLP, S-LP(C), for their assistance in reviewing the manuscript.