MSLSMicrosoft Line Services
MSLSMaster of Science in Library Science
MSLSMaine Society of Land Surveyors (Augusta, ME)
MSLSMulti-Service Launch System
MSLSMedical School Lab Surge
MSLSMultiple Single Levels of Security
MSLSMaster of Science in Legal Studies
MSLSMarinesco-Sjogren-Like Syndrome
MSLSMalaysian Student Leaders Summit (est. 2007)
MSLSMulti-Slice Least-Squares (computer program to refine crystal structure to electron diffraction)
MSLSMaster's of Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability
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The report findings are based on exchanges with 37 executives and MSLs representing 26 companies located in 11 countries.
Elk Grove's Adrian Wlodarz took third at the MSLs in the 100 and fifth in the breaststroke, while Wheeling is led by Mason Hergert in the IM and 500.
Each piece of equipment is programmed for movement in the Transportation Coordinators' Automated Information for Movements System and marked with MSLs.
Only a third of participants in the study said they had seen slight or great improvement of call quality since deploying iPads to MSLs; 57% said call quality has stayed the same.
From six countries spanning the globe, the committee members hail from a range of backgrounds — from those currently serving as medical affairs executives and MSLs, to others from support industries and partner organizations such as healthcare consultancy and leader in KOL profiling, Thought Leader Select, and digital marketing agency, Global Prairie.
Reviewed by Joe Bouchard, MSLS, a prison librarian at a maximum-security facility in Michigan and an adjunct faculty member of criminal justice and corrections at Gogebic Community College.
During the last year, the RST conducted four Redeployment Conferences and supported 30 BCTs, which equates to training 863 unit movement officers, creating more than 1,300 plans in TC-AIMS, generating 57,204 MSLs and 16,489 RFID Tags, and inspecting 8,805 containers for seaworthiness.
Bedard '78, MSLS, AHIP, dean of the University Libraries at the University of New Mexico, Alumni Achievement Award.
The process includes supporting unit movement officers (UMOs) create deployment equipment lists (DELs), military shipping labels (MSLs), and RF (radio frequency) tags at the fort.
Medical science liaisons (MSLs) are catalysts of collaborative relationships and scientific knowledge exchange.
One of the most significant technical differences in the new standard is the elimination of temperature tolerances in the definitions of the various MSLs. Previous versions of the standard required component manufacturers to guarantee that a component would survive, say, at 260[degrees]C +0/-5, effectively meaning a range from 255[degrees]C to 260[degrees]C.
Specific tasks of global MSLs include KOL development activities, scientific support at medical meetings and congresses, competitive intelligence, speaker identification and recruitment, publication and abstract management, reimbursement and formulary decision support, development of clinical practice guidelines, education, and training.