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MSLTMultiple Sleep Latency Test
MSLTMicrosoft Software License Terms
MSLTMinimum Scan Line Time
MSLTMean Sleep Latency Test (study)
MSLTMaster of Second Language Teaching (Utah State University; Logan, UT)
MSLTMore Shine in Less Time (tires)
MSLTMicrostrip Slot-Line Transformer
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In addition, hyperarousal may account for longer than expected sleep latencies on MSLT tasks and potentially create a barrier to consistent SWS.
On the night prior to an MSLT, the patient is typically brought into the sleep laboratory in order to perform the nocturnal polysomnogram.
If a patient has experienced EDS > 3 months and reports at least 5 episodes of cataplexy a sleep study and MSLT does not need to be performed.
(4) Idiopathic hypersomnia is characterized by EDS that occurs in the absence of cataplexy and is accompanied by no more than 1 sleep-onset REM (SOREM) period on an MSLT and the preceding PSG combined.
PD patients should undergo thorough sleep evaluation consisting of solicitation of the chief complaint; detailed social, family, medical, psychiatric, and sleep history; physical examination; and, if necessary, objective sleep testing with polysomnography and the MSLT.
Treatment efficacy was measured both clinically and objectively through PSG follow-up with overnight recordings and MSLT two weeks after each IVIg cycle.
However, it offers advantages in terms of low cost and easy application, although MSLT is an objective neurophysiologic test measuring sleepiness.
V Wetherston, BCom Path (SLP), MSLT; S Gangat, BCom Path (SLP); N Shange, BCom Path (SLP); K Wheeler, BCom Path (SLP); S B Sayed Karrim, MCom Path (SLP); J Pahl, BSc, MA, Dip Ed
The isolate was also genotyped by MSLT according to Diancourt et al.
Keenan, "Guidelines for the multiple sleep latency test (MSLT): a standard measure of sleepiness," Sleep, vol.
In the diagnosis, multiple sleep latency test (MSLT) and CSF hypocretin measurement are needed in addition to appropriate clinical history.