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MSLTMultiple Sleep Latency Test
MSLTMicrosoft Software License Terms
MSLTMinimum Scan Line Time
MSLTMean Sleep Latency Test (study)
MSLTMaster of Second Language Teaching (Utah State University; Logan, UT)
MSLTMore Shine in Less Time (tires)
MSLTMicrostrip Slot-Line Transformer
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5 minutes in the MSLT test and because each drowsing period of four initiated in REM sleep.
This study aimed to summarize the demographic parameters of KLS patients and determine the characteristics and applicability of PSG and MSLT in KLS patients.
73-74) This was confirmed when 47 somnolent PD patients underwent MSLT, and after each nap they were asked whether they had slept or dozed.
The MSLT has been in use for many years and has a well-established protocol for use in the clinical setting.
The longitudinal nature of the MCBS survey supports the use of a MSLT model for this study.
The MSLT directed the risk management department to address PCA oversedation as the hospital system's required annual risk assessment by the Joint Commission (2005).
23) Therefore, results from the MSLT must be considered in the context of the patient's medical history.
If the patient clearly has cataplexy, an MSLT would not strictly be required for the diagnosis, but despite the cost, Dr.
Although the old criteria required an MSLT of 5 minutes or less, the new criteria allow for a narcolepsy diagnosis with MSLTs as high as 8 minutes.
Unlike certain questionnaire-based assessments, the MSLT has been validated in children, and provides reliable results as long as the child is at least 6 or 7 years old.
The study found that in the alcohol-consuming participants, next-day alertness as measured by the MSLT was reduced and divided-attention performance was impaired (Roehrs et al.