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MSMAMissouri State Medical Association (Jefferson City, MO, USA)
MSMAmonosodium methanearsonate (pesticide)
MSMAManual Saliran Mesra Alam (Manual for Malaysia)
MSMAMagnetic Shape Memory Alloy
MSMAMississippi State Medical Association
MSMAMount Saint Mary Academy (various locations)
MSMAMail Systems Management Association (New York, NY)
MSMAMuscle Shoals Music Association (Muscle Shoals, AL, USA)
MSMAMain Street Merchants Association
MSMAMagazine Street Merchants Association (New Orleans, LA)
MSMAMount Soledad Memorial Association (California)
MSMAMaine School Management Association
MSMAMusic Study, Mobility and Accountability
MSMAMember of the Sports Massage Association
MSMAMurray Spalding Movement Arts
MSMAMotorcycle Sports Manufacturers Association
MSMAMaster of Science in Marketing Analytics
MSMAMembrane Structures Manufacturers Association (Canada)
MSMAMichigan Society of Medical Assistants
MSMAMessage Store and Message Access
MSMAMinnesota Street Machine Association
MSMAMaryland Society of Medical Assistants
MSMAMakarov State Marine Academy (St. Petersburg, Russia)
MSMAMoist-Soil Management Advisor (software)
MSMAMaster of Science in Marketing Analysis
MSMAMinnesota State Medical Association
MSMAMary Seacole Memorial Association (UK)
MSMAMetal Stud Manufacturers Association
MSMAMargarine and Shortening Manufacturers' Association
MSMAMulti-Slice Multi-Angle (medical imaging)
MSMAMaryland Society of Medical Acupuncture (also seen as MSMA)
MSMAMid States Meat Association
MSMAMethane Sodium Methyl Arsonate
MSMAMale Sub-Miniature A (connector)
MSMAMinnesota Society of Municipal Analysts
MSMAMichigan State Medical Association
MSMAMassachusetts Society of Medical Assistants, Inc.
MSMAMeasurement System Methods Analysis
MSMAminimum significant measurable activity
MSMAMurrell-Shaw-Musher-Amos Exchange Perturbation Theory
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In (12), V is defined as the velocity of water in the drain (m/s), n is Manning's Roughness coefficient obtained from the MSMA 2.
TABLE 1: Identification of marker associated with straighthead responding to MSMA. Marker-straighthead associations detected with PCA model at P and qFDR value < 0.0001 and their position (cM) on chromosome (Chr) derived from 71 markers and 380 accessions in a diverse rice collection.
Apesar de os herbicidas fomesafen, lactofen e MSMA nao terem interferido na altura de plantas, estes proporcionaram decrescimos no acumulo de massa seca da parte aerea, de aproximadamente 41%, 31% e 37%, respectivamente, o que pode prejudicar a recomendacao destes herbicidas para o palmito-jucara como seletivos, pois a reducao da massa seca podera afetar, tambem, o diAmetro e a emissao de novas folhas.
In this paper, a Preisach-type hysteresis model-modified KP model is used to describe the hysteresis of MSMA actuator.
3-(Trimethoxysilyl) propyl methacrylate (MSMA, 98%) and dipentaerythritol hexaacrylate (DPHA) were purchased from Aldrich.
brizantha encontravam-se no estadio de duas folhas a um afilho, foi realizado o estabelecimento das populacoes, com a aplicacao de 1,44kg [ha.sup.-1] do herbicida MSMA. O produto foi aplicado com uso de um pulverizador costal propelido a C[O.sub.2], acoplado a uma barra de 2m de comprimento, contendo quatro pontas de pulverizacao, modelo DG 110.02, calibrado para aspergir um volume de calda de 150L [ha.sup.-1].
The herbicide concentrations used in each well in this study were in mg/L: DMA (0.23), Agimix (0.10), Siptran, Atranex and Herbitrim (0.10), Fusilade (0.23), Gliz and Roundup (0.09), Dual (0.06), Fortex (0.232), MSMA (0.12), Gramoxone (0.08), Padron (0.03), Tordon (0.10), Combine (0.11) and Trifluralina (0.045).
Para o manejo das plantas daninhas na cana-planta igual em todos os tratamentos aos 15 dias apos o plantio (DAP), realizou-se a aplicacao de herbicidas pre e pos-emergentes, diuron + hexazinona na dose de 2,0 kg [ha.sup.-1] do produto comercial e metano arseniato acido monossodico (MSMA) na dose de 2,4 kg [ha.sup.-1] do produto comercial, alem do espalhante adesivo aquil fenol poliglicoleter na concentracao de 2% do volume da calda, sendo de 200 L [ha.sup.-1] o volume de calda.
Arsenic is still a prominent ingredient of modern agricultural herbicides including monosodium methylarsonate (MSMA) and disodium methylarsonate (DMSA) (Coupe et al., 1998; Rice, 1999).
and Mau, Y-W, "Anticorrosively Enhanced PMMA-Si[O.sub.2] Hybrid Coatings Prepared from the Sol-Gel Approach with MSMA as the Coupling Agent," Surface Coat.