MSMGMelbourne Spirituality Meetup Group (Australia)
MSMGMidnight Sun Mountain Guides (Norway)
MSMGMissionary Sisters of the Mother of God (convent; Philadelphia, PA)
MSMGMulti-Service Media Gateway
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A.C.A.- ?Que plantearia MSMG para que el Congreso deje de ser un rehen politico?
Una prueba: uno de nuestros asociados en MSMG, se infiltro en el grupo de las adelitas.
where MG is a measure of market growth, MS is market share and MSMG is the interaction of MG and MS.
where MG, MS, MSMG are as previously defined, and PREV, ENTRY, REPEAT, D are: the number of previous entrants, the time on the market, a measure of re-purchase intentions, and a dummy variable respectively.