MSMLMedia Server Markup Language
MSMLMaritime Safety Markup Language (computing)
MSMLMahavir Spinning Mills, Ltd. (India)
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The Mehran Vocational Training Centre, located within MSML Staff Colony, provides basic training to the ladies of the colony and surrounding areas for sewing, embroidery, cooking and stitching.
Radisys WebConnect translates JSR-309 media processing requests, in a Java EE environment, into session Internet protocol and media server markup language (MSML RFC 5707) XML-based control commands which are compatible with any Radisys MRF.
PowerMedia XMS 1.1 enhancements (over Release 1.0) include new management console features, expanded 64-bit Linux OS support, HD video processing at 720p resolution, and broader support for the standard MSML control protocol frequently used in conferencing applications.