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MSMQMicrosoft Message Queue
MSMQMicrosoft Message Queuing
MSMQMulti-Server Multi-Queue
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Other proprietary MOM software products are the brokerless TIBCO Rendezvous [12], which uses direct connections between peers similar to MSMQ, Oracle Tuxedo Message Queue [13] as part of the Oracle Tuxedo application server for cloud middleware, and Terracotta Universal Messaging [14].
The MSMQ Adapter is available immediately while BizTalk 1.0 Framework will be released during this month.
They compared their SSB with Microsoft Message Queuing Middleware (MSMQ) and showed that their middleware is especially appropriate for a network of large number of brokers deployed in reasonably large geographic area.
Priocept is using the Microsoft .NET framework combined with Windows Server 2003, SQL Server 2000 and Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ) to design and develop the system.
The ES7000/540 was fronted by three Unisys ES3040 Web servers, and two more ES3040 servers ran Web user load balancing programs and other middleware to link the Siebel application and database server to the Web servers, including Assignment Manager, MSMQ, Workflow Manager, and HTTP Adapter.
It also integrates with it the features of MSMQ for an asynchronous component, which allow the client to do some other work while the method request is in queue.
It also leverages MSMQ and MQSeries for a scaleable massaging platform.
WCF unifies some of the best features of several other communication technologies and models like Web Services, Remoting or Microsoft Message Queue (MSMQ).
Loudcloud's expanded support also includes Microsoft Windows 2000 and specific features such as Microsoft Active Directory service and Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ).
Aside from what Microsoft describes as an across-the-board investment in XML for integration and interoperabilty, DNA 2000 extends the current version of DNA with some new products, including the BizTalk Server for business process integration and AppCenter Server for managing "server farms." Windows 2000 will include the core DNA services, including the COM+ component model and services (in the process of being re-plumbed - see separate story), the Internet Information Services web server, Active Server Pages, transactions, MSMQ messaging, data access, clustering and IP load balancing services - which will all be integrated within the operating system itself.
With BEA MessageQ support added, Roma gains the distinction of offering a bridgehead between IBM MQSeries, Microsoft MSMQ and now BEA.
The company's Roma messaging integration framework, which will be the key ingredient, began life as a simple API for integrating IBM MQSeries with Microsoft MSMQ but has swollen into something now not so clearly defined.