MSMSMichigan State Medical Society
MSMSMaking Science Make Sense (Bayer; education program)
MSMSMississippi School for Mathematics and Science
MSMSMorgan Stanley MUFG (Mitsubishi UFJ (United Financial of Japan) Financial Group, Inc.) Securities (Japan)
MSMSMicrosoft System Management Server
MSMSMulti-Systems Maintenance Service
MSMSMulti-Screw Merchant Ship
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The majority of the questions required a qualitative answer of the form 'during the last 5 years, which of the following methods/ techniques have you used and how often?' Details of the areas in which most of the application took place were also requested, together with the reasons for using/not using MSMs from both ends of the hard/soft spectrum.
Covisint's MSMS Connect will reportedly enable secure messaging, including patient-specific information from physician-to-physician.
The study, done earlier this year, canvassed 542 'self-identified' MSMs at 16 'gay-friendly' venues across the Cape Peninsula.
Although MSMS appears an unlikely technique for accurately measuring Hb[A.sub.2], an [[alpha].sub.2][[delta].sub.2] tetramer, we postulated that the relative proportion of [delta]- and [beta]-globins should be equivalent to the proportion of Hb[A.sub.2].
About 40% of all new HIV/AIDS diagnoses in 2001 were in men who have sex with men (MSM), and by 2004, that figure had risen to 45%, according to Dr.
On the basis of the expected frequencies of the Esx and esx alleles in male fertile plants (genotype Msms), the recombination frequency was estimated as 0.09 [+ or -] 0.02 (Table 1), very close to the estimates obtained using the [F.sub.2] populations.
So, we implemented the HMS server in terms of an abstract interface, including operations to get and deliver messages, that the individual MSMs must implement.
However, with the setup of WAPDA's own Micro- seismic Monitoring System (MSMS) during 2009, the data quality and state of the art Software ANTELOPE, has greatly improved and can be used to generate a new set ofresults for the Dasu area.
Rolly Cruz, the city's HIV/AIDS program coordinator, noted that transgender women-persons who changed their sexual orientation from male to female-make up the second largest group undergoing HIV testing in the city, next to MSMs or males who have sex with males.
Brilliantes said that out of the 300 MSMs they checked, nine were found positive of HIV and out of the 5,000 total screened in the city, 12 were found positive of the infection, including a mother and child.
In fact they were kept under the umbrella of MSMs (men who have sex with men).
Among the broader set of models available to researchers and analysts to inform policy decisions, microsimulation models (MSMs) are distinguished from others by their capacity to analyze the policy impact at the level at which it is intended and to incorporate changing behavioral responses and institutional attributes over the time period being assessed (Chollet 1990; Citro and Hanushek 1991).