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To balance a formula, the fat, MSNF, water, and total solids in the dairy products and other ingredients must be calculated.
Ice Cream Calculation Example Formula Guidelines 9% fat 14% MSNF 17% sucrose 0.2% stabilizer 0.2% emulsifier Total weight of batch: 10,000 g Ingredient Composition Selected Butter 82% butterfat Skim milk powder 97% solids Sucrose Stabilizer Emulsifier Quantity of butter needed to make 9% fat in the final formula using butter with 82% butterfat Formula Batch Butterfat 9% fat 10,000 82% 9 X 10,000 / 82 = 1,097 g butter Quantity of powdered skim milk needed for 149,6 solids or 1,400 g First, determine the weight of solids in the amount of butter calculated previously.
Weight of butter X MSNF in butter = 1,097 g X 2% 1,097 g X 2 / 100 = 21.94 g MSNF in the butter = 22 g when rounded up Deduct this amount (22 g) from the total number of solids needed for the batch (1,400 g).
Desired MSNF in butter 14% of 10,000 22 g 1,400 g - 22 g = 1,378 g 1,378g X 100 / 97 = 1,420 g Amount of sucrose needed for 1796 of 10,000 g batch 10,000 X 17 / 100 = 1,700 g or 10,000 X 0.17 = 1,700g Amount ofstabilizer needed for 0.2% of 10,000 g batch Total batch = 10,000 g X 0.2% / 100 = 20g or 10,000 X 0.002 = 20 g Amount of emulsifier needed for 0.296 of 10,000g batch Total batch = 10,000 g X 0.2% / 100 = 20g or 10,000 g X 0.002 = 20 g Now that we have the total of all ingredients, we can determine the amount of water needed.
If fresh whole milk is used instead of water, we need to calculate the composition of the whole milk considering that whole milk contains 3.6 percent fat, 8.4 percent MSNF, and 88 percent water, the sum of which equals 100 percent.
Then, we evaluate the fat and MSNF in this quantity and adjust the butter and powdered skim milk to reflect the change.
Next, calculate the fat and MSNF and deduct the result from your earlier calculation.
Fat weight in the milk (3.6%) 6,526 g X 3.6 / 100 - 235 g or 6,526 g X 0.036 = 235 g MSNF weight in the whole milk (8.4%) 6,526 g X 8.4 / 100 = 548 g or 6,526 g X 0.084 = 548 g These two components can be deducted from the other ingredients.
The water and MSNF contribution from the cream should also be reflected.
Depois disso, na cultura de nabo forrageiro, foram realizadas analises de trilha (path analysis) das variaveis principais (MVNF e MSNF) em funcao das variaveis explicativas (APNF, DCNF e NFNF).
Assim, as analises de trilha das massas verde (MVNF) e seca de parte aerea (MSNF) de nabo forrageiro em funcao das variaveis explicativas APNF, DCNF e NFNF e das massas verde (MVTB) e seca de parte aerea (MSTB) de tremoco branco, em funcao das variaveis explicativas APTB, DCTB e NVTB, podem ser realizadas adequadamente (CRUZ, 2006).
Em relacao a massa seca de parte aerea (MSNF), os resultados foram semelhantes, o que pode ser explicado pela forte associacao linear (r=9671) entre MVNF e MSNF (Tabela 1).