MSNGMain Street Natural Gas, Inc (Kennesaw, GA)
MSNGMladinski Svet Nova Gorica (Slovenian: Youth Council of Nova Gorica; Nova Gorica, Slovenia)
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Rohde (1[male], 1[female]) (MSNG); Equatorial Guinea, Fernando Poo (l[male]); Cameroon (l[male]) (MNCN); Ivory Coast, Okem (l[male]); Cameroon, Mundame (l[male], 1[female]) (NMW); Cameroon, Mukonje Farm, R.
Holotype: MSNG 57820, male, 21.3 mm SL: Bolivia, Departamento Santa Cruz, N- uflo de Chavez Province, south of San Ramon, seasonal pools in the Rio San Pablo drainage, Rio Madeira River basin, 16[degrees]39,47''S 62[degrees]3119'W, altitude 240 m, Roger Brousseau, Joe Budterman, George Funkner, & Stefano Valdesalici, 20 February 2014.
Material examined and depository.--Holotype, [male], allotype, [female]: CAR, Dzanga-Ndoki National Park, Lake 1, UV trap 1, 20-23.11.2012 (MSNG); 4 paratypes, 3[male], 1[female]: same data 23.11.2012; 2 paratypes, 1[male], 1 [female]: same data 29.II-1.111.2012 (Collector P.
Paratypes: MRAC B2-09-P-2-5, 1 male, 36.1 mm SL C&S, 3 females, 29.3-33.6 mm SL; MSNG 56889, 1 male, 31.2 mm SL; same data as holotype.
neumanni, (Hilgendorf) MSNG 56046, 1 male, C&S 57.5 mm SL Tanzania, Malagarasi River basin (5 [degrees]59'1" S, 32[degrees]48'5" E); MSNG 56045, 2 males, 36.6 & 38.1 mm SL Tanzania, Malagarasi River basin (5[degrees]57'49" S, 32[degrees]46'50" E); MRAC 2010-33-P-2-3, 2 males, 42.5 & 44.3 mm SL, Tanzania, Malagarasi River basin (5[degrees]54'54" S, 32[degrees]45'54" E); Nothobranchius rubroreticulatus Blache & Miton MNHN 59232, 1 female 33.9 mm SL, 2 males 31.0 & 39.0 mm SL; MNHN 59235, 2 males 20.4 & 28.1 mm SL, Chad, Lake Chad drainage (12[degrees]7' N, 15[degrees]3' E).
Paratypes: SAIAB 85541, 1 male, 40.0 mm SL, 1 female, 37,6 mm SL; MSNG 55322, 2 males, 35.7 & 43.8 mm SL, 1 female, 37.1 mm SL; MRAC 2009-33-P-1-2-3, 2 males, 35.4 & 38.5 mm SL, 1 female, 33.1 mm SL; all collected with holotype; SAIAB 85539, 1 male, 40.1 mm SL; Zambia, Eastern province, small seasonal pool in the eastern bank floodplains of the Luangwa River: about 2100 m north-east from the Kapani Lodge and 1500 m from the river, near South Luangwa National Park main gate, 13[degrees]7'22.2"S 31[degrees]46'12.7"E, collected by Jorn Boklund, 5 March 2009.
We would also like to express our gratitude to Miguel Parrent (MRAC); James Maclaine (BMNH); Patrice Pruvost and Romain Causse (MNHN); Roger Bills, Paul Skelton and Bernard MacKenzie (SAIAB) and Giuliano Doria (MSNG) for access to collections under their care.
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