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MSOFManual Shift-on-the-Fly (automotive engineering)
MSOFMechanical Shift on the Fly (vehicle system)
MSOFMultisystem Organ Failure (less common; see MOSF)
MSOFModified Synthetic Oviduct Fluid (reproductive science)
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Patient description Peak Patient # Age Sex Diagnosis IAP mmHg 1 14 y/o M 60% TBSA burn and inhalation injury, ARDS 39 2 6 w/o M GI obstruction with dysmotility Septic shock, MSOF 17 3 2 m/o M Kwashiorkor, zinc deficiency Septic Shock 27 4 5 m/o F BPD; NEC, Septic Shock 20 5 2 y/o M Neuroblastoma s/p nephrectomy.