MSP-2Merozoite Surface Protein-2 Gene
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The central repeat region of msp-2, hyper variable region of ama-1 and T-cell epitopic region of csp genes of P.
The molecular weight of PCR products of ama-1 ranged from 800 to 1000 bp, csp from 280 to 300 bp (Table 2) and msp-2 gene from 760 bp to 870 bp (Table 3).
In the present study, three allelic types of msp-2 gene were observed on PCR amongst the 50 isolates from north and north-western parts of India suggesting high degree of variation.
In the present study, RFLP analysis as well as allele specific PCR of msp-2 gene have shown the predominance of FC-27 allele.
These techniques are more useful tools for the study of genetic polymorphism in these genes in which the events of intragenic recombination is frequent such as msp-1 (16) and msp-2 (27) genes.
falciparum extensive polymorphism in MSP-2 in an area with endemic malaria in Papua New Guinea.
Biased distribution of msp-1 and msp-2 allelic variants in Plasmodium falciparum populations in Thailand.
Therefore, these data are needed to support development of a vaccine based on MSP-2 antigen along the malaria vaccine road map.