MSP1Major Surface Protein 1
MSP1Merozoite Surface Glycoprotein 1 (parasitology)
MSP1Microsomal Serine Proteinases 1 (biochemistry)
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MSP1 Software is a technology solutions provider to IT service companies.
The primers and probes used to amplify the K1, MAD20, RO33, and hybrid (MAD20/RO33) allotypes of the block 2 region of msp1 and the internal control gene (erythrocyte-binding antigen 175, eba175) in P.
Most of these strains harbored an msp1 and msp2 genotype that was detected before the epidemic.
Most of the workers at MSP1 are East African Muslims and they've previously protested Amazon's disregard for their religious practices.
The carrier-neutral MSP1 facility provides customers with direct access to Neutral Path Communications' dark fiber backbone and additional fiber interconnects to a variety of providers.
In addition, GPI anchored proteins, merozoite surface protein 1 (MSP1) and MSP2, two major asexual blood stage surface antigens, have endotoxin activity that indeed results in decreasing frequency of the parasitic load from host.
The ability of the fungal peroxidase MsP1 to degrade carotenoids was utilized in order to bleach colored whey and milk in two- and three-enzyme systems, respectively.
ii) For the NC_019471: g.25748 G>A (SNP2) locus, created restriction endonuclease Moraxella species (Msp1) site (CCGG) was formed when the forward primer actual nucleotide "T" was induced to "C" at NC_019471: g.25746 locus.
Ottawa, Canada, August 22, 2015 --( Sangfor Technologies, a leading international networking brand has officially partnered with MSP1. MSP1 is now the authorized global distributor of Sangfor products.
Anaplasma marginale: analisis de las secuencias del fragmento variable del gen msp1 a y del gen msp4 de cuatro nuevas cepas mexicanas.