MSP3Merozoite Surface Protein 3
MSP3Major Surface Protein 3
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Mejia et al., "Identification of a conserved region of Plasmodium falciparum MSP3 targeted by biologically active antibodies to improve vaccine design," Journal of Infectious Diseases, vol.
Dr Druilhe and his team discovered a key protein, MSP3, which provokes the body into producing antibodies that kill the parasite.
falciparum blood-stage vaccine candidates MSP1, MSP2, MSP3, and AMA-1.
Work on MSP3 and MSP1 block 2 antigens was funded under MRC Grant G9803180 (to D.J.C.).
The protein is called malaria merozoite surface protein 3, or MSP3.
Blood tests after 5 and 12 months showed that 23 of the 30 volunteers had produced significant antibodies against MSP3. Furthermore, 29 volunteers had geared up an army of other immune cells, called T cells, against the parasite.
2000); Pseudomonas fluorescens MSP3, isolated from seawater (Prithivirajsingh et al.
If you run out of space, you may show the segment taxes (ZP) across the column: ZP = EWR3 + ORD3 + OMA3 + MSP3 + CVG3 + CRW3 + PIT3.
When ADCI has been employed, some antigens like MSP3 and GLURP [61, 62] have shown an inhibitory effect only when monocytes were included in the IIA.