MSP5Major Surface Protein 5
MSP5Merozoite Surface Protein 5 (genetics)
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marginale was 8.7 % in Mongolia (Msp5 nested PCR) [50], in Thailand, 1.9 to 39.2 % of the bovines were positive in BboSBP2 PCR, depending on the province [11] and in India, the prevalence for A.
In this work, It was successfully standardized a sensitive indirect ELISA to be used in small ruminants, using a recombinant MSP5 of A.
In this work, an indirect ELISA using recombinant MSP5 from Anaplasma marginale to be used in detection of antibodies in small ruminants was standardized.
Sequence of msp5 gene of Anaplasma marginale Havana isolate.
Evaluation and improvement of immunoenzimatic assay (ELISA) for diagnosis of bovine anaplasmosis, using recombinant MSP5 as antigen.
The Anaplasma marginale msp5 gene encodes a 19-kilodalton protein conserved in all recognized Anaplasma species.
Palabras clave: Anaplasma marginale, ELISA, MSP5, naranja de acridina-bromuro de etidio.
Until now, 6 constitutive Anaplasma marginale Mayor Surface Proteins (MSPs) have been characterized, including MSP5 which appears to be an excellent polypeptide for the diagnosis of this disease since it is highly conserved and immunogenic.
Keywords: Anaplasma marginale, MSP5, ELISA, acridine orange-etidium bromide.
marginale, designadas como MSPla (105KDa) y MSP1b (100-105KDa), MSP2 (36KDa), MSP3 (86KDa), MSP4 (31KDa) y la MSP5 (19KDa) [3, 24, 25, 39].
La MSP5 ha sido aislada, clonada, secuenciada e insertada en un plasmido dentro de la bacteria E.
These results also showed that band 18 (p19 or MSP5) was a marker for specific infection with Anaplasma.