MSPAPMaryland School Performance Assessment Program
MSPAPMinister of State Responsible for Poverty Alleviation Programmes
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In providing validity evidence to support the interpretative argument and the intended outcomes of MSPAP, my colleagues and I demonstrated that there was a positive impact of the assessment and accountability system on both student learning and classroom instruction (Lane, Parke, & Stone, 2002; Parke & Lane, 2008; Parke, Lane, & Stone, 2006; Stone & Lane, 2003), which were the intended outcomes of MSPAP.
In the MSPAP studies, a school contextual variable, SES measured by percent of students receiving free or reduced lunch, was significantly related to school level performance on MSPAP in math, reading, writing, science, and social studies (Lane, Parke, & Stone, 2002; Stone & Lane, 2003).
La materia seca presente (MSP, kg/ha) tanto antes (MSPAP) como despues (MSPDP) se evaluo con el disco medidor de forraje (Castle, 1976), el cual, con variaciones de diametro y peso ha sido utilizado en praderas tropicales (Santillan et al., 1979; Gonzalez et al., 1990b).
USO = [MSPAP - MSPDP/ MSPAP] x 100 DMS = [MSPAP x A/ PVT x A] x 100 CMS = [(MSPAP - MSPDP) x A/ PVT x A] x 100
donde: MSPAP y MSPDP, en kg/ha ya fueron definidas, PVT es el peso vivo total (kg) de las lideresas, obtenido como el promedio del mes anterior y el mes posterior al muestreo de la division pastada, y A es el area de la division, en hectareas.
Aizenman, "Once-Lauded MSPAP Undermined by Format," Washington Post, 11 March 2002, p.
Del material colectado antes del pastoreo (MSPAP), se tomaron muestras para determinar el contenido de materia seca y proteina cruda.
La tasa absoluta de crecimiento (TAC, kg MS/ha/ dia) se calculo considerando la MS acumulada desde el final de un pastoreo (MSP-DP, inicio de recuperacion o descanso) hasta el inicio del siguiente (MSPAP, final de recuperacion o descanso), de acuerdo con la formula:
TAC - MSPAP final de recuperacion - MSPDP inicio de recuperacion/Dias de recuperacion
On the Maryland School Performance Assessment Program (MSPAP), a state-of-the-art performance measure that would seem on its face to be more appropriate for Core Knowledge students, differences were equally inconclusive.
Maryland School Performance Assessment Program (MSPAP) assessments are criterion-referenced performance tests designed, developed, and implemented by the Maryland State Department of Education in collaboration with classroom teachers and other Maryland educators.
This study examined the effect of integrated science and reading items on the reliability and construct validity of reading assessment for the Maryland School Performance Assessment Program (MSPAP).