MSPCMultivariable Statistical Process Control
MSPCMultivariate Statistical Process Control
MSPCMichael Scott Paper Company (The Office TV show)
MSPCMichigan Soybean Promotion Committee
MSPCMedia Stream Processing Consortium
MSPCMulti-Supplier Product Catalog (e-commerce)
MSPCMinimum Signal Power Constraint
MSPCMcGough Smith Personal Computers
MSPCMulti-Stratum Permutation Code
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Generally, errors are possibly introduced in the pretreatment process, the PPCA model application process, and MSPC application process.
All the typical simulation trajectories of these paths with the photoexcitations are displayed on the Supporting Information from Figures [S.sub.1] to [S.sub.7] available online at, corresponding to the cleavage of [C.sub.1]-O bond in Figure S1, the cleavage and then recovery of [C.sub.1]-[C.sub.3] bond in Figure S2, the dissociations of [C.sub.1]-N, [C.sub.1]-[C.sub.2], and [C.sub.1]-[C.sub.3] bonds in Figures S3-S5, the isomerizations of mSPc and mSPt in Figures S6 and S7, respectively.
It also established the firm MSPC Bahrain and recently established an office in Abu Dhabi for project logistics and handling of abnormal heavy and super-heavy cargo.
Multivariate statistical process control (MSPC) commonly uses Hotelling's [T.sup.2] statistic to indicate when a multivariate observation goes out-of-control.
A new multivariate statistical process control (MSPC) method is presented that utilizes the measurement of process variable relationships to achieve a more robust quality control system.
This is evidenced from the literature where reported MSPC applications have focused on the monitoring of a single manufactured product.
Efforts have been confined to multivariate statistical process control (MSPC) charts based on Hotelling's [T.sup.2] as applied in surveillance efforts in related fields (17).
STATISTICA provides a complete multivariate statistical process control (MSPC) solution for complex manufacturing processes, including process industries and batch-oriented manufacturing such as pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, and pulp and paper manufacturing.
STATISTICA 7 includes graphics enhancements and analytic modules, such as Multivariate Statistical Process Control (MSPC).
Maverick Lightning, created by adding a mixed-signal pin card (MSPC) into a standard family system, comes with a 65 MHz sample rate, 50 Mb/s transfers, and 2.2-GHz DSP processing speed for analog testing.
The Missouri Public Service Commission (MSPC) gave its approval February 21, 1997.