MSPIMilk, Soy, Protein Intolerance
MSPIMorgan Stanley Principal Investments
MSPIMobility Software Products, Inc. (Key West, FL)
MSPIMasyarakat Seni Pertunjukan Indonesia
MSPIMitigating Systems Performance Index
MSPIMah Sing Plastics Industries Sdn. Bhd. (est. 1979; Malaysia)
MSPIMinistry of Statistics and Programme Implementation (New Delhi, India)
MSPIMühlhan Surface Protection International Gmbh (Germany)
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We digested genome DNA with HpaII (sensitive to methylation of CpG) or MspI (digests methylated CpG), and then amplified the exon 1 regions by PCR with specific primers.
Aliquots of four il of the amplicons were subjected to enzymatic digestion with the restriction enzymes Dral, HaeIII and MspI (Invitrogen), according to the instructions.
The fragment containing the Asp449Asp (T/C) or MspI polymorphism region was amplified using the forward and reverse primers of 5,-CAGTGAAGAGGTGTAGCCGCT-3' and 5'-TAGGAGTCTTGTCTCATGCCT-3', respectively.
The 290 bp fragment from VKORC1-1639 G allele created a MspI restriction site and, on MspI digestion resulted in 123 bp and 167 bp fragments.
demonstrated linkage disequilibrium in DRD3 polymorphism loci BalI and MspI, which was not associated with TS in 16 pedigrees.
The amplification products were digested separately with the endonucleases HinfI, DdeI, HaeIII, HhaI, MspI, AluI and RsaI, and electrophoretic separation of the fragments was performed at 80 V for 210 min.
xMELP is performed as previously described (17) with the following alterations: digestion and ligation reactions are combined using 500 ng of DNA along with 7.5 [micro]L of annealed oligonucleotides [3 A/mL JHpaII 12XXXX (A is absorbance; XXXX indicates xMELP primers) and 6 A/mL JHpa24XXXX], 0.5 [micro]L BSA [10 g/L, New England Biolabs (NEB)], 0.5 [micro]L ATP (100 mmol/L, pH 7.0, NEB), 5 [micro]L digestion buffer (NEB), 4 U MspI or 2 U HpaII (NEB), 2 U[T.sub.4] DNA ligase (Life Technologies).
In one study investigation of MSPI polymorphism showed no significant association with T2DM [43].
Genomic DNA (1 pg) was extracted with a FlexiGene DNA kit (Qiagen, Germany) and digested by 1 unit of MspI or HpaII (FastDigest, Fermentas, Germany) at 37[degrees]C overnight and resolved on 1% agarose gel.
Los amplicones del nosZ purificados (100 ng) se digirieron con 5U de las enzimas Hhal y MspI en sus respectivos tampones de reaccion siguiendo las instrucciones del proveedor, y los productos digeridos se limpiaron en columnas Autoseq G-50 (Amersham Biosciences), ajustandose a las instrucciones del proveedor.
The following oligonucleotides were synthesized, of 20 base pairs (pb) F 5'CCC ACG GGC AAG AAT GAG GC 3', R5' TGA GGA ACT GCA GGG GCC CA 3', which enabled amplification of the 329bp fragment which has the restriction site for endonuclease MspI (12).