MSPQModified Somatic Perception Questionnaire
MSPQMedicare Secondary Payer Questionnaire
MSPQMerit System Principles Questionnaire
MSPQMedicare Secondary Payor Questionnaire
MSPQMulti-Variage Strictly Polar Quantization
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To provide an accurate representation of these factors in this study population, it was necessary to modify the measures used in this study, the MSPQ and SIQ, with stroke-specific questions.
Correlation of ER and MSPQ, SIQ, and Physical Illness Attribution Scores to Total Time (N = 14) Total Time From Onset to ED Pearson r p MSPQ 0.
Will students who read braille be rated differently by their teachers on the MSPQ than their low- and average-achieving peers?
These findings support the results described by Bardin and Lewis (2008), who, after surveying a volunteer group of general educators using the MSPQ to rate students with visual impairments (both students with low vision and students who were blind), found that the mean scores on all but one of the subscales fell in the range between "half the time" and "most of the time.