MSPRMorehead State Public Radio (Kentucky)
MSPRMotorStorm: Pacific Rift (video game)
MSPRMinimum Space Platform Rig
MSPRMarketing Strategie Professionals Rotterdam (Internet marketing firm; Rotterdam, Netherlands)
MSPRMainspring Communications (stock symbol)
MSPRMedical Student Performance Record (Canadian Residency Matching System)
MSPRMean Squared Prediction Error (statistics)
MSPRMaster of Science in Public Relations
MSPRMighty Snortin' Powder Rangers (band)
MSPRMolecular Structure-Property Relationship
MSPRMarginally Strict Positive-Real
MSPRManeuver Systems Program Review
MSPRMoney, Securities and Payroll Robbery (insurance)
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This study included patients with benign or borderline pancreatic tumors of the body and neck of the pancreas who underwent MSPR with PJBSID between June 2009 and June 2017.
MSPR was performed as per the standard technique described by Warshaw et al .[3] After MSPR, the distal and proximal resection margins were confirmed to be free of tumor based on pathologic examination of frozen sections.
Therefore, acquisition performance can be analyzed from MSPR, which is shown in Figures 8-10.
d 10% Amount of routes proposed for privatisation co mSpr 1,250 Number of buses and coaches run by two companies
Finally, the court holds that R's interest in MSPR and the financial assistance that family members provided to finance the home in Florida do not establish that he was in the real estate business, because the business of a partnership is separate from that of the partners.
Com base nos parametros morfologicos avaliados tambem foram calculados indices de qualidade de mudas como a relacao entre a altura de plantas (AP) e diametro do colo (DC) e o indice de qualidade de Dickson (DICKSON; LEAF; HOSNER, 1960), por meio da formula: IQD = (MSPA + MSPR) (g)/ [AP(cm)/DC(mm)] + [MSPA(g)/MSPR(g)].
Contraste entre massa fresca da parte aerea (MFPR) e massa seca da parte aerea (MSPR) e teores de nutrientes na parte radicular das plantas testemunhas e das plantas cultivadas com soro de leite MF MS N P K kg [m.sup.-2] g [kg.sup.-1] Test 9,76 1,80 18,84 2,37 2,81 T20 11,25 (ns) 1,90 * 19,73 (ns) 4,80 ** 6,54 ** T40 13,82 ** 1,85 (ns) 22,55 ** 6,22 ** 11,74 ** T60 13,29 ** 1,88 (ns) 22,21 ** 6,49 ** 13,77 ** T80 13,59 ** 1,91 * 22,61 ** 6,21 ** 16,78 ** T100 13,48 ** 1,91 * 21,98 * 5,91 ** 18,10 ** C.V.
The form hnd is used as a demonstrative for both genders and numbers, always in adjectival function, as in mspr hnd 'this story' and spr mlk hnd 'this document of the king,' while hndt is primarily used as a local adverb 'here.' (55) There seems to be a plural and possibly dual demonstrative in the oblique case hnhmt, a compound of the demonstrative particle * hann and the 3mp oblique independent pronoun, which is likewise only used adjectivally.
The model appears unbiased on the basis of a comparison of the mean square predicted error (MSPR) for a validation subset of the width data (1,001 randomly selected boards; see Eq.
TABELA 5: Sobrevivencia (SOB), enraizamento (ENR), altura (ALT), diametro de colo (DC), numero de raizes (NR) e peso da materia seca da parte aerea (MSPA) e da raiz (MSPR), de seis progenies (P) de Anadenanthera macrocarpa, em condicoes de pleno sol, aos 70 dias, em funcao do tipo de miniestaca (MA10; MI5; MA5; MA10i).