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MSQLMini Sql
MSQLMicrosoft Sql
MSQLMini Structured Query Language
MSQLMathematical Service Query Language
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There are several technology tools were used to develop and implement the online web-based lost and found system which includes XAMPP, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Image Ready, HTML, MSQL, PHP and JavaScript [1], [14].
private SubscriberConnection conn; //Unitialize connection conn = new SubscriberConnection(this); conn.registerListener(listener); conn.openConnection(); //Subscription code //Unsubscribing conn.sendQuery("unsubscribe from *"); conn.closeConnection(); LISTING 3: Examples of MSQL queries.
This scale in the original MSQL has low reliability (Cronbach a = 0.52), so one additional item was added: "I use online forums to ask for help from other students." The item reflects the nature of help seeking in distance education environment.
In due course this will also be completely integrated with the HIR database, which is being converted from an Axes system to a MSQL system to make it more efficient.
* Database Support -- Oracle (8i or above) and MSQL Server 2000 or above are the standard-bearers.
Mini SQL from Hughes Technologies, known more popularly as mSQL, is another popular choice as the back end of Web sites.
ProjectWeb can run with either an MSQL or Oracle database, facilitating secure access and collaboration among team members inside and outside the corporate firewall.