MSQOLMultiple Sclerosis Quality of Life (physical and mental health questionnaire)
MSQOLMigraine-Specific Quality of Life
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FSFI skoru ve alt alanlarinin hastalik suresi, EDSS, Barthel indeksi ve MS yasam kalitesi ile iliskisi Hastalik Suresi EDSS Barthel MSQOL-Beden MSQOL-Akil indeksi FSFI (Genel) p>0.05 p>0.05 p>0.05 p=0.003 p=0.003 r=0.495 r=0.498 Istek p>0.05 p>0.05 p>0.05 p>0.05 p>0.05 Uyarilma p>0.05 p>0.05 p>0.05 p=0.020 p=0.009 r=0.404 r=0.446 Islaklik p>0.05 p>0.05 p>0.05 p=0.002 p=0.008 r=0.531 r=0.457 Orgazm p>0.05 p>0.05 p>0.05 p=0.014 p=0.027 r=0.425 r=0.384 Tatmin p>0.05 p>0.05 p>0.05 p=0.002 p=0.001 r=0.528 r=0.559 Agn p>0.05 p>0.05 p>0.05 p>0.05 p>0.05 FSFI: Kadin cinsel fonksiyon indeksi, EDSS: Genisletilmis ozurluluk durum olcegi, MSQOL: MS yasam kalitesi sorgulamasi Tablo 5.
On the MSQOL, the group with comorbidities dropped an average of 22 points to a final score of 21.
On the MSQOL, the group with co-morbidities dropped an average of 22 points to a final score of 21.
The results of the standardized quality-of-life instrument (MSQOL) revealed up to 25% improvement in the total scores of the MSQOL over the course of treatment (Table 3) and up to 75% improvement in several individual quality-of-life items.
Further development and testing of the migraine-specific quality of Life (MSQOL) measure.
Subsequent analyses revealed that M-TOQ had high test reliability and high test-retest validity and that M-TOQ also showed modest positive correlations with the MIDAS, HIT-6, and MSQoL scales--enough to demonstrate scale validity but not so much as to make the M-TOQ redundant, Dr.
The MSQOL instrument was completed only by the second cohort (n = 19).
The MSQOL provides additional items related to health-related quality of life.
evaluated a migrainespecific quality-of-life (MSQOL) measure that focused on functional status and quality-of-life measurements.[64] The findings showed that internal consistency of the MSQOL was high ([Alpha] = 0.92), and migraineurs with more migraine episodes per year had a significantly worse quality of life.
Wagner TH, Patrick DL, Galer BS, et al: A new instrument to assess the long-term quality of life effects from migraine: Development and psychometric testing of the MSQOL. Headache 1996; 36: 484-492.