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MSR1Macrophage Scavenger Receptor 1
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And in the DMCL red group, RUNX1, PDGFRA, EHBP1, GPC3, AXIN2, KDR, GLMN, MSMB, EPHB2, MSR1, and KIT had significantly high expression, and 5 genes, GPC3, TMC6, PTCH1, DKC1, and TP53 genes, were expressed at significantly lower levels.
Members include SCARA1 (MSR1), SCARA2 (MARCO), SCARA3, SCARA4 (COLEC12), and SCARA5.
After about five days the more prevalent type has switched to the alternatively activated M2 macrophage (Arginase 1 (Arg1); macrophage mannose receptor (Mrc1, CD206); Macrophage scavenger receptor (Msr1, SR-A, CD204)) [97].