MSRDMulti Screen Remote Desktop
MSRDMulti-Screen Remote Desktop (software)
MSRDMean-Square Relative Displacement
MSRDModern System Reference Document (roleplaying gaming)
MSRDMultiple Sclerosis and Related Diseases
MSRDMaharashtra State Road Development Corporation Limited (est. 1996; India)
MSRDMaterial Support Recommendation Document
MSRDMission and System Requirement Document (European Space Agency)
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MSRD located randomly within the total test span, and
The strength of a bending specimen will vary depending on the location of the MSRD within the test span.
In addition, the location of the MSRD and the randomly selected edge to be stressed in tension during bending had been marked.
The MSRD said Araneta was also required to provide a timeline for the conduct of the tender offer considering that the acquisition would result in his group owning 54.
The characteristics determining the grade and the MSRD were recorded.
Every day at Personal Training Institute, we are focused on having an impact on our clients' fitness routine and their overall health; now we also want to have an impact on the overall wellness of our planet," said Carol Kur, MSRD, co-founder and vice president of Personal Training Institute.
The letter was addressed to MSRD director Vicente Graciano Felizmento Jr.
Tc2: MSRD, earthworks and confortements of Pt73 Pt100, crossroads, roads, sanitation, ponds, operating and safety equipment, signage, landscaping.
The contract has a firm slice and 2 slices conditional Tf: Ms1, Pi2, earthworks and confortements Pt1 of the Pt55;Tc1: Ms3;Tc2: MSRD, earthworks and confortements of Pt73 Pt100 at crossroads, roads, sanitation, basins, operating and safety equipment, signage, landscaping