MSRDMulti Screen Remote Desktop
MSRDMulti-Screen Remote Desktop (software)
MSRDMean-Square Relative Displacement
MSRDModern System Reference Document (roleplaying gaming)
MSRDMultiple Sclerosis and Related Diseases
MSRDMaharashtra State Road Development Corporation Limited (est. 1996; India)
MSRDMission and System Requirement Document (European Space Agency)
MSRDMaterial Support Recommendation Document
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The thermodynamic properties and anharmonic effects in atomic vibration have been analyzed based on the obtained temperature-dependent XAFS cumulants where the anharmonicity causing thermal expansion and the MSRD component perpendicular to bond direction have been discussed in detail.
* MSRD located randomly within the total test span, and
For its part, the SEC unit took the position that at the time of filing the tender offer report, Tiger Resort was 'not yet required to disclose the pending criminal and civil proceedings in Hong Kong.' Citing existing provisions, MSRD said that criminal proceeding is required to be disclosed 'if a person has been convicted.'
No isolate carried the msrD or ermA macrolide-resistant determinants.
A top official from the SEC told Business Bulletin that the reason why the commission's Markets and Securities Regulation Department (MSRD) couldn't submit any applications to any en banc meeting for approval is because none of them is already fully compliant.
coordinated in-grade testing program, a critical zone, containing the maximum strength-reducing defect (MSRD), was located randomly in the bending test span.
In view of the developments, the SEC instructed on August 18 its markets and securities regulation department (MSRD) to conduct an investigation into the allegations contained in CMIC's petition.
During grading, the maximum strength reducing defect (MSRD) [1] in each piece was identified.
On August 18, the SEC said it had instructed its markets and securities regulation department (MSRD) to conduct an investigation and verification of the allegations contained in the CMIC's petition.
The MSRD said Araneta was also required to provide a timeline for the conduct of the tender offer considering that the acquisition would result in his group owning 54.67 percent of Philweb.