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MSRGMiddleware Systems Research Group (University of Toronto; Canada)
MSRGMediterranean Shark Research Group (est. 2000)
MSRGMedieval Settlement Research Group (UK)
MSRGMain Street Restaurant Group, Inc. (Phoenix, AZ)
MSRGMicrowave System and Research Group
MSRGMaster-Subsidiary Relationship Group
MSRGMechanized Suit Research Group
MSRGMedical Student Research Grant
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The leadership of the MSRG began with a strong commitment to interdisciplinary work and to critical theory related to issues of class, race, sexual orientation, and ecology.
In addition, the work of the MSRG has drawn increasing interest from both publishers and international scholars.
In an effort to map out future directions participants in the MSRG might explore, the steering committee asked several scholars from different perspectives and disciplines to address, in a twenty-minute presentation, what they take to be "the most pressing issues, the most needed theoretical perspectives, and/or the most fruitful methodological approaches in men's studies.