MSRIMathematical Sciences Research Institute
MSRIMillion Solar Roofs Initiative (US Department of Energy)
MSRIMaterials and Systems Research, Inc. (Salt Lake City, UT)
MSRIMalaysian Sociological Research Institute (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
MSRIMaterials Science Research International (journal)
MSRIMicrocircuit and Semiconductor Receiving Inspection
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Her 2007 PlayGround Fellowship commission, The Singularity of We, was inspired by the MSRI collaboration.
2006) ("The MSRI [Million Solar Roofs Initiative] developed in S.
Teen Mothers' Measures of Parental Competence (N = 65) Maternal Competence Variable Mean (SD) MSRI (possible range = 17-68) 59.
Sottile while a postdoc at MSRI in the Spring 2013 program.
Supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation through grant SNF-200021-143274 and the MSRI.
MSRI can distinguish atoms that are as similar in mass as isotopes, without causing surface damage.
MSRI Publications, Cambridge University Press, 557-568, 2005.
The problem of finding the asymptotic behavior was presented by Jan de Gier during the MSRI program on Random Spatial Processes and it is solved in the present paper.
Conrades added, "This new relationship with the MSRI is another pillar in the Akamai Foundation's overall mission to directly and indirectly impact students who are excited about mathematics.
The first author would like to thank Sergei Fomin, Bernhard Keller, Andrei Zelevinsky, and specially Salvatore Stella for fruitful discussions at the MSRI workshop Cluster Algebras in Combinatorics, Algebra and Geometry in 2012.
Based on preliminary heavy media separation studies by MSRI of
dagger]) Research supported by MSRI Postdoctoral Research Fellowship