MSRMMass Storage Reference Model
MSRMMedia Stream Resource Module
MSRMMinistry of Sustainable Resource Management (Canada)
MSRMMars Sample Return Mission (astronomy)
MSRMMaximal Similarity Based Region Merging
MSRMMediterranean Society for Reproductive Medicine (est. 2002)
MSRMMustard Seed Relief Mission (Eastbourne, East Sussex, England, UK)
MSRMMedical Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization
MSRMMulti-State Reliability Modeling
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The planning table decided to meet each month for one and a half to two days from June 1996 to March 2001 to develop a plan (BC MSRM 2004).
Phase one was to develop recommendations on the main land use management issues, and phase two was to finalize management decisions and establish strategies to implement the plan (BC MSRM 2004).
8% in the original plan to 17% in the new plan (BC MSRM 2004).