MSRMMedia Stream Resource Module
MSRMMass Storage Reference Model
MSRMMinistry of Sustainable Resource Management (Canada)
MSRMMars Sample Return Mission (astronomy)
MSRMMaximal Similarity Based Region Merging
MSRMMediterranean Society for Reproductive Medicine (est. 2002)
MSRMMustard Seed Relief Mission (Eastbourne, East Sussex, England, UK)
MSRMMedical Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization
MSRMMulti-State Reliability Modeling
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Experimental results show that this algorithm is superior to the three existing classical algorithms in terms of network benefits (MSRM, MMR, and MPF), which further indicates the effectiveness of the algorithm.
Iteration Algorithms MSRM MMR MPF times This paper 82.05 23.42 59.91 20 GA-SA 76.37 20.58 52.46 Literature [17] 81.68 21.98 57.23 This paper 89.88 24.31 60.83 100 GA-SA 88.42 21.60 53.98 Literature [17] 89.50 23.20 58.26 This paper 89.88 24.37 60.89 200 GA-SA 88.48 22.54 54.23 Literature [17] 89.50 23.20 58.26 CSGC 83.26 20.27 50.02 TABLE 2: Network benefits comparison with other algorithms (M = N = 20).
Phase one was to develop recommendations on the main land use management issues, and phase two was to finalize management decisions and establish strategies to implement the plan (BC MSRM 2004).
A major difference between the new plan prepared for discussion by the government and the original plan approved by the government in April 2001 is a reduction in protected areas from 18.8% in the original plan to 17% in the new plan (BC MSRM 2004).
The strategies vision was to create a central source of accurate, relevant, cost effective and timely land and resource metadata that could be accessed by users both within and outside of government by rationalizing, consolidating and integrating systems and information sources to establish one comprehensive metadata repository thus supporting the Province's goal of--"effective delivery of integrated science based land, resource and geographic information" (MSRM, 2004).
Data managers, in an organization, with a mature data management culture, have strong data custodian values, and take a serious approach to the management of their, inclusive of metadata (MSRM, 2005).
The MSRM is exhibited based on the procedures above, with the only modification to act on an 8-connexity system with N < 4 [absolute value of I] couples of adjacent pixel pairs instead of 4-connexity to avoid block-like clustering result.
In Section 2, we give a brief description of the proposed MSRM algorithm.
The province recently revised these consultation obligations to make them consistent for all resource management decision making (BC MSRM 2002a).