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MSRRModular Self Reconfigurable Robot
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The growing demand for reusable, space constrained, and multipurpose solutions for real world applications is a great motivator for research in the field of MSRR. The researchers in domain of MSRR provided numerous solutions via various prototype designs, communication algorithms, coordination, and dispersion techniques using selected test scenarios.
This paper scope is limited to study and summarize the hardware architectures along with sensor and interfacing technologies of various MSRR.
MSRR 2012-IO is a resecuritization transaction that closed on December 6, 2012, comprised of two groups of deposited underlying certificates comprised of commercial mortgage backed securities ("CMBS") interest-only (IO)certificates.
As can be seen from Figure 12(a), the recognition performances of SRC and MSRR decline with the increase of noise variance.
Compared to the traditional SRC expression recognition, MSRR methods in this paper contain block training processing, reducing discrimination dictionary error, so as to improve the recognition rate of facial expression.
The effect of temporal parameters from large events (MSLE), uniform event set (MSUE), and relation rules (MSRR) are also investigated.
We then defined the minimum support threshold for relational rule (MSRR) as 5%, which will extract only the relation rules that satisfied this threshold and discard all the infrequent relation rules.
Figures 1(a) and (b) show the structures of CSRR and the proposed MSRR, respectively.
The simulated magnitude and phase results of transmission ([S.sub.21]) and reflection parameters of both CSRR and MSRR are presented in Figs.
Comparando-se as especies vegetais, o pau-ferro apresentou os maiores valores de CRA, MSRPA e MSRR em todos os tratamentos de correcao do solo (Figura 2).
The detached ZIML is constructed from metal strip slabs and MSRR slabs shown in Figures 5(a) and 6(a).
In fact, the magnetic response of the MSRR can be excited only by an incident magnetic field penetrating through the MSRR plane.