MSRSMotorola Semiconductor Reuse Standards
MSRSMinnesota State Retirement System
MSRSMaine State Retirement System
MSRSMulti-Site Radar System
MSRSManic State Rating Scale
MSRSMaster of Science in Radiologic Sciences (various university)
MSRSMetalsmith Ship Repair Sheet (US Navy rating)
MSRSMicro Surgery Robotic System
MSRSMolecular Sieve Regeneration System
MSRSMaterial Systems Requirements Specifications
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"In regard to MSRs, the easiest license to obtain is the A Category which will allow manually-operated rifles, and shotguns, single-shot long arms, antiques!primitive firearms, and the like as well as featureless' MSRs which have thumbhole stocks, no muzzle brakes or flashiders, no bayonet lugs, and only a five-round maximum-capacity magazine.
Positively, mortgage servicing right (MSR) valuations generally increase with rising rates and economic growth, as prepayments fall and default risk lessens.
The 2 groups were compared using the t test for baseline characteristics and MSRS scores.
At a Senate hearing, Aquino deplored how China allegedly violated the guidelines on the conduct of its MSRs when Filipino scientists were only present half of the time during its exploration of the area.
Speaking at a Senate joint committee hearing on the maritime scientific studies conducted in the Philippine Rise--also called as Benham Rise--Esperon, said that the government stands to benefit in MSRs on its own territorial waters, be it done by local or foreign entities.
Military police at the various TCPs assiduously maintained communications with the near side and far side crossing sites and strictly enforced one direction of travel on all MSRs leading to the crossing sites.
MSRs are a subset of small modular nuclear reactors that seem likely to be genuinely low cost.
These write-downs have been depressing demand for servicing, which has hurt liquidity in the market for MSRs. That negatively affects some mortgage lenders whose strategy is to sell all the servicing rights on the loans they originate.
Synthesized in the lab, the MSRs are built with small holes, known as nanopores, inside.
Regarding "Can Fracking Lead the Way to Clean Energy?" (M/A 2014), I appreciate Clay Farris Naff's support for molten salt reactors (the highly efficient, super-safe reactor developed in the sixties, but set aside partly because MSRs are impractical for making bombs).
The back closed side of the fifth lumbar (L5) dorsal nerve root was cut off then stimulated for evoking monosynaptic reflexes (MSRs).
Other changes include Alrosa's weight almost tripling as well as more moderate weight increases for MOEX and MRKH, along with cuts for MSRS, RTKM and MTLRp.