MSSMMount Sinai School of Medicine
MSSMMaine School of Science and Mathematics
MSSMMinimal Supersymmetric Standard Model
MSSMMaster of Science in Safety Management (various schools)
MSSMMaster of Science in Sustainability Management (various universities)
MSSMMedical Staff Services Management (academic program)
MSSMMaster of Science In Systems Management
MSSMMinimal Sypersymmetric Standard Model
MSSMMaster of Science in Strategic Management (academics)
MSSMMaster of Science in Security Management
MSSMModified Step-Segment Method
MSSMMilitary Sea Service Museum (Sebring, FL)
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MSSM [42-47] is the most economical version of SUSY.
Below in Section II, we detail the shortcomings of the Tobit model and present the MSSM. Data and variables are described in Section III.
Vaudrevange et al., "A mini-landscape of exact MSSM spectra in heterotic orbifolds," Physics Letters B, vol.
The growth of the isolates in the liquid culture was determined by a spread plate count method using MSSM containing the same amount of CSAE (up to 50%).
(Since Gillespie brings up the MSSM, it seems worth noting that, according to Lubos Motl (a Czech theoretical physicist, whose research is in superstring theory and who writes a blog called "The Reference Frame" in which, among many other things, he has posted discussions of the Higgs discovery), at a rest mass (in energy units) of 125 GeV/c2, the Higgs particle is light enough that it is almost certainly not as predicted in the original Standard Model, but is consistent with the MSSM.)
Special thanks to all "Metabolic Syndrome Study in Malaysia (MSSM)" team members including the technical staffs of the Cardiovascular, Diabetes and Nutrition Research Centre, Institute for Medical Research for their hard work in making this study a success.
The press release added that Tesfay has a Masters Degree in Business Management (MBA) and an additional Masters in Security Sector Management (MSSM).
Chiappelli, DrPH, MHA, MSSM. CAPT-Ret, USPHS, a retired commissioned officer from the U.S.
The minimal supersymmetric standard model, or MSSM, is a standard model extension that holds that every elementary particle has a "superpartner." One of the simplest versions has been ruled out by the current limit.
"Although previous WTC studies have shown significant respiratory problems, this is the first study to directly quantify the magnitude of asthma among WTC responders," said Hyun Kim, ScD, Instructor of Preventive Medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine (MSSM) and lead author of the analysis.