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MSSQLMicrosoft Structured Query Language (also refers to Microsoft SQL Server)
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Together with AppEngine and ViewEngine (for the technological process) and MSSQL database system.
The successful candidate would have experience, or be willing to gain experience, with the development or management of small to medium sized databases using Access, MySQL, or MSSQL.
Research QuickStart was the first Toolkit component to be developed and it was designed as an MsSQL database using active server pages (asp) and vbscript.
Operating system: Suse linux (for special applications ms 2012 r2), Virtualization environment: Vmware, Managed databases: Mssql and mysql.
But, so far it is not that easy to connect them to other databases like Oracle, MSSQL, Sap Hana and more.
Technology-stack core components and technologies are as follows: - Sitecore Experience Platform (Web Content Management platform) - ELK-stack (logging) - MSSQL (application and personal data) - Internal / external integrations (Digital Post, Tax Administration, Mapping and XHTML services for self-service solutions and Public Contacts, fobs, NemLog-in, dynamic integration services, Article Import) - SOLR Cloud stack (search) - MongoDB (usage data) - Web: Grunt, RequireJS, Bootstrap, jQuery.
NET also include features like IIS full trust, Isolated Application Pool, MSSQL, MySQL, Plesk Control Panel, unlimited disk space, unlimited monthly transfer.
Furthermore, the Data Integrator supports and can integrate the most popular dialects (such as Oracle, DB2, MSSQL, and MySQL) of remote stored procedures.
TheSystem architecture includes a two-digit number DB2 and MSSQL databases.
It protects and supports databases such as Oracle, MSSQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Sybase and file formats such as VSAM, delimited, XML, XLS and flat files.
Internal VA to be conducted for 125 servers running on windows OS, 4 MSSQL Database Servers, 50 CISCO routers and switches, 8 FW and External PT on 14 IPs.
0 now offers a choice of either MSSQL or MySQL databases so that hospital IT staff can have better control over the valuable data derived through EMscribe's language processing technology.