MSTDMaharashtra Sales Tax Department (India)
MSTDMultiple System Tauopathy with Presenile Dementia
MSTDMalaysian Society for Training and Development
MSTDMinistry of Science, Technology and Development (Serbia)
MSTDMoving Standard Deviation
MSTDMore Sums Than Differences (number theory)
MSTDMarine Science and Technology Division
MSTDManufacturing System Technology Department
MSTDMunicipal Short Term Debt
MSTDMaster of Science Training & Development
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Regarding the mean seminiferous tubular diameter (MSTD) for testes, as shown in Table 3 and Figure 13, the MSTD of both the I/R group and ischemia only group were significantly decreased (P < 0.001 for each) compared to the control group, while nonsignificant changes were observed in Ginkgo biloba supplemented and Ginkgo biloba treated I/R groups compared to control group.
Sanjay Bhatia, Commissioner of Sales Tax, said "MSTD is today the highest revenue generating department for the Government of Maharashtra and administrates various sales acts accountability.
The Borrower Portal is a cost-effective alternative to traditional borrower-contact efforts, creating a 24/7, 365-days-a-year opportunity for reticent borrowers to get in touch with their mortgage company, according to Cam Melchiorre, MSTD executive vice president.
Among the information technology-based (IT-based) loss-mitigation systems is BackInTheBlack (BITB), by MSTD Inc., Baltimore.
Rules-based programs (such as Back in the Black, from Baltimore-based MSTD Inc.) can help guide the servicer through a series of questions and help gather information from the borrower that will be used to support the recommendation to proceed with a loss-mitigation alternative.
To help determine which borrowers are likely to default and which are not, specialized loss-mitigation systems from MSTD Inc.
"Servicing was an important factor in the merger," says Camillo Melchiorre, executive vice president of marketing and business development at Baltimore-based MSTD Inc.
First Nationwide employs similar software, BackinThe Black[C], developed by Baltimore-based MSTD, Inc.
[48] extracted the following additional parameters: compactness, mean value of local standard deviation of cloud patch (MSTDS), and gray images' texture (angular second moment, contrast, entropy, etc.).
Accordingly, the merged firm may have both the ability and incentive to lessen competition by discriminating against non-affiliated programmers in terms of access to its multichannel subscription television distributor (MSTDs) and by denying to competing MSTDs access to its video programming on reasonable terms." U.S.v.