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The setting up of the Q-CoE is a natural progression in MSTH implementation after focusing on building up the soft structure necessary to enable growth of Malaysia's software testing industry.
Apart from the keynote presentations, the forum will also maintain its breakout sessions to discuss and seek recommendations on issues relevant to the MSTH initiative.
The STST forum was introduced in 2010 under the patronage of the MSTH and serves as platform for stakeholders' consultation on software testing industry development programmes initiated under MSTH.
Shape (n = 10), broad, cylindrical, strongly dorsoventrally flattened and markedly wider at anterior end in region of abd 1 and abd 2 (abd 2 normally widest), posteriorly narrowed at abd 7 and andi, posterior end truncate (all puparia examined with a semipliable, waxy substance adhering to posterior end, presumably secreted from anus during pupariation), transverse folds, and creeping welts on msth, mtth and abd 1-7 apparent, but less pronounced than larva; dorsal pits, and lateral processes indistinct; deep, lateral, crease-like indentations (allowing articulation) strongly developed between abd 5 & 6 and abd 6 & 7 (Fig.