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MSTSMicrosoft Train Simulator (computer game)
MSTSMicrosoft Terminal Services
MSTSMulti Source Tactical System
MSTSMetastatic Soft Tissue Sarcoma (cancer)
MSTSMusculoskeletal Tumor Society
MSTSMulti-Source Tactical System
MSTSMilitary Sea Transport/ation Service
MSTSMinimal Standard for Testing Software
MSTSMobilization Status and Tracking System
MSTSMissile System/Subsystem/Station Test Set
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Because resistance to MSTs may run counter to organizational rules and compliance with MSTs may conflict with some employees' personal values (e.g.
The creation of the MST ensured that logistical support was pushed to the MI company.
System profiles compiled at each site disclosed fundamental deficiencies, which included frequent system busy conditions; lack of efficient features such as pushbutton dialing, and call forwarding, transfer and conferencing; as well as limited or no access to the Telescience toll-accounting device, providing access to the MSTS itself.
In the present patient, the postoperative MSTS score recovered to almost the preoperative level, but slightly lower.
Both UATP and MSTS are attending the IATA World Financial Symposium in September and will be available to discuss the partnership.
In an engineer battalion, an MST organic to the line company completes vehicle and track maintenance, while in a BCT, the MST is organic to the FSC and attached to the company.
Escala nincional de nuestro paciente Movimiento 5 Dolor 5 Estabilidad 5 Deformidad 3 Fuerza 5 Funcion 5 Puntuacion total 28 Puntaje funcional de la Sociedad Internacional de Salvamiento de Miembros y la Sociedad de Tumores Musculoesqueleticos (MSTS).
Global Banking News-January 16, 2018--Apruve and MSTS team up for B2B credit offering
An earlier version of this work was presented at "ISOLS/ MSTS Annual Meeting," 2015.
Finally, the musculoskeletal tumor society (MSTS) rating score modified by Enneking was calculated in the 20 surviving patients [20].
Subsequently, the authors calculated PLI-weighted networks, from which minimum spanning trees (MSTs) were constructed.
The Musculoskeletal Society Tumor Score (MSTS) was 77%; the Oxford Knee score (OKS) was 35/48; the Toronto Extremity Salvage Score (TESS) was 80/100; and the 15D was 0.87/1.