MSTTMultimedia Software Training Tool
MSTTMicrosoft Secure Transaction Technology
MSTTMuseo delle Solfare di Trabia Tallarita (Italian mining museum)
MSTTMountain States Telephone & Telegraph (now Qwest Corporation)
MSTTMicrosoft Time Tracker (website starter kit application)
MSTTMobile Surgical Transport Team
MSTTMolten Salt Thermal Treatment (method)
MSTTMouth-to-Stoma Transit Time
MSTTMutual Story Telling Technique (Gardner technique)
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The Fujitsu Group and MSTT are promoting in Thailand classes utilizing ICT, which are becoming common in Japan, improving the quality of lessons and contributing to the development of educational environments for Thailand-based schools for Japanese nationals.
MSTT and DOCOMO, through its Thai-based subsidiary, Mobile Innovation Co., Ltd.
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msTt "He is the long-term future of the club for sure.
* Work closely with professional and trade organizations such as ASCE, MSTT and others, and university research centers such as TTC at Louisiana Tech University and CATT at University of Waterloo.
The Midwest Society for Trenchless Technology (MSTT) is sponsoring a trenchless technology symposium that will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn the latest developments in directional boring, pipe bursting, pipe reaming, sliplining, auger boring, pipe ramming, microtunneling, cured-in-place, close-fit pipe, manhole renewal, case studies on both pipe renewals and new installations from field experts.
The Midwest Society for Trenchless Technology (MSTT) is holding its 7th trenchless technology symposium at University of Missouri at Kansas City from Sept.
Mostotrest (MSTT RX) revenue went up by 26% y-o-y to R124b ($4b), which nearly coincided with our estimates (R123b).
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