MSVRMotor Sports Vision Racing
MSVRMicrosoft Vulnerability Research
MSVRMandatory Securities Valuation Reserve (insurance)
MSVRMemory Stick Video Recorder (Sony product)
MSVRModem Signal Value Register (computing)
MSVRMaximum Stress-Volume Ratio
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Third, the feasibility of forecasting the two bounds of interval-valued carbon futures prices series simultaneously by the MSVR with influencing variables is examined.
MSVR for Interval-Valued Carbon Futures Prices Forecasting.
The basic idea of interval forecasting using MSVR is to find the mapping between an input vector and an output vector from a given dataset [{([x.sub.i], [y.sub.i])}.sup.n.sub.i=d], where d denotes embedded dimension.
The MSVR solves the stated mapping problem by finding the regressors [w.sup.j] and [b.sup.j] (j = 1, 2) for every output that minimizes the following equation:
Thus, the objective of the MSVR problem is transformed to search the objective minimizing [beta] and b.
After its first successful season, NLR thought was time to expand and use circuits other than those operated by MSVR and have added Donington, Rockingham and the increasingly popular Anglesey Circuit to their agenda.
They will also be joined by MSVR's thrill-a-minute Lotus on Track Elise Trophy, which is coupled with endurance races from the Club MSV Team Trophy.
For more information on the MSVR Races of Wales visit
A MSVR spokesman said: "The full circumstances of the accident will be investigated by the Motorcycle Racing Control Board and the coroners' office."
34) point out that the capital ratios have declined by about two percentage points since the early 1980s if Mandatory Securities Valuation Reserves (MSVR) are excluded from the calculation.
A statement from race organisers MSVR said: "On the first lap of the National Superstock 600 race at Cadwell Park circuit, Benjamin Gautrey fell on the right hand corner at the bottom of the Mountain section.
MSVR, the BSB's commercial and organisational rights holder, said in a statement: "Earlier this year several planned race meetings were cancelled and the BSB round was only able to be confirmed as going ahead eight days before the event, which was quite unsatisfactory.