MSVRMotor Sports Vision Racing
MSVRMicrosoft Vulnerability Research
MSVRMandatory Securities Valuation Reserve (insurance)
MSVRMemory Stick Video Recorder (Sony product)
MSVRModem Signal Value Register (computing)
MSVRMaximum Stress-Volume Ratio
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For more information on the MSVR Races of Wales visit www.
A MSVR spokesman said: "The full circumstances of the accident will be investigated by the Motorcycle Racing Control Board and the coroners' office.
The MSVR is a reserve for losses on securities held in the company's general portfolio.
One may argue that such reserves, in effect, stand before capital and surplus (a valid extra cushion); or one may argue that the absolute and relative increase in MSVR itself points to increased problems (and need for capital).
MSVR and capitalization, for most insurance companies, constitutes about 5% of total assets.