MSVSMicrosoft Visual Studio
MSVSMedium Support Vehicle System (Canadian Forces)
MSVSMicrosoft Virtual Server
MSVSMan Ska Vara Seriös (Swedish)
MSVSMain Street Veterinary Service (Shakopee, MN)
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The new mobile workspaces from DEW were bought as part of the MSVS project, which aims to modernize the military's fleet of logistical trucks and mobile workspaces.
CDR: And, that segues over to LVM because MSVS fits the middle portion of vehicle logistics, but LVM addresses the opposite ends.
DND spokeswoman Ashley Lemire said that, "The Canadian International Trade Tribunal ruling is not influencing timelines on the MSVS Standard Military Pattern contract with Mack Defense.
DEW Engineering & Development is also the prime contractor for the baseline shelter on the MSVS program.
We've been working with the DND for many years now to fully understand the capabilities the soldiers and the Canadian government require from the MSVS and TAPV programs," said Serge Buchakjian, Oshkosh Defense senior vice president and general manager of International Programs.
We are pleased to be working with a company that can help deliver the survivable, off-road capable and technologically advanced vehicles that the Canadian Forces need for both the MSVS and TAPV.
The MSVS SMP competition was intended to provide the most capable technical solution to the Department of National Defence, as well as the best value for Canadian taxpayers, said Wilson Jones, president and chief executive officer of Oshkosh Corporation.
The company's 43,000-pound MaxxPro truck, a contender for the CF's MSVS project, was a big draw.
Award is Part of Canada's MSVS Project to Strengthen Domestic Operations
Our team has thoughtfully reviewed draft RFPs for the TAPV and MSVS [Medium Support Vehicle System] programs, and we are aligning our operations to DND requirements for highly protected vehicles and long-term maintenance and support for the vehicles," said Andy Hove.
Later that year, the government announced its plans to start up the MSVS project.
Oshkosh delivered two MSVS SMP vehicles including the Cargo and Load Handling System variants in January of this year.